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On a fine summer day on the lake, we noticed the abundance of floating party mats in use. "WOW!" We said to ourselves, those sure look fun! Let’s run down to the marina and buy one for ourselves. Our enthusiasm soon turned into despair when we realized that some of these wonderful marine creations cost more than our first car. Right then and there we knew we could provide a stronger design and better value for our nautical kinsfolk.

After months of comparing materials, researching foam manufacturing methods and real life stress and wear testing in the harsh midwestern summer, we perfected today’s ultimate value in water recreation, our very own floating party mat; the Rubber Dockie!

You might ask, is the Rubber Dockie really made of rubber? Well no; unlike the name, the Rubber Dockie is made of closed cell foam. "Closed Cell Foam Dockie" didn't sound very cool.

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